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Fig. 6

From: Comparative analysis of deep sequenced methanogenic communities: identification of microorganisms responsible for methane production

Fig. 6

Taxonomic assignment at the genera level of the sequences of a methanol methyltransferase (mtaB); b monomethylamine methyltransferases (mtmB); c dimethylamine methyltransferases (mtbB); d trimethylamine methyltransferases (mttB) obtained with MetAnnotate. The heatmap presents only genera with an abundance above 5% in at least two metagenomes or above 10% in one metagenome. The bar graph indicates the percentage of mtaB, mtmB, mtbB, mttB sequences detected in each metagenome. ABF—agricultural biogas plant fermenter; ABF_TS—laboratory reactor inoculated with agricultural biogas plant fermenter sample; ABH—agricultural biogas plant hydrolyzer; CS—cattle slurry; CM—cattle manure; GM—gold mine; LB—lowland bog; WTP—wastewater treatment plant; WTP_TS—laboratory reactor inoculated with wastewater treatment plant sample

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