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Fig. 5

From: Production of a recombinant peroxidase in different glyco-engineered Pichia pastoris strains: a morphological and physiological comparison

Fig. 5

a Exemplary signal profile from flow cytometer of SuperMan5 cluster after 23 h induction time in shake-flasks. FSC (black line -), SSC (blue line –), green (green line –) and red (red line –) fluorescence signals. b The corresponding image-in-flow picture of the cellular cluster, black bar represents 15 µm. c Percentages of viability-declined clusters from all detected clusters over induction time from shake-flask screening: wt (grey bars), ∆OCH1 (black bars), SuperMan5 (dotted grey bars). Standard deviations for c were derived from multiple measurements (at least 3) of single culture shake-flask samples

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