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Fig. 4

From: High dissolved oxygen tension triggers outer membrane vesicle formation by Neisseria meningitidis

Fig. 4

High dissolved oxygen tension induces OMV release in N. meningitidis batch cultures. Growth curves of N. meningitidis batch cultures controlled at 30% (open symbols) and 100% air saturation (solid symbols) show similar growth (a). The increased oxygen concentration showed to induce a higher level of vesicle release (b). Graphs are the overlay of two replicate cultures to practically allow for sufficient data points covering 24 h. The first replicate consists of data points at 0 h to 12 h cultivation and at 24 h cultivation, and the second replicate at 0 h and 15 h to 22 h. c The mode size of sOMV particles as measured by NTA in the supernatants from a N. meningitidis batch cultivation at two dissolved oxygen concentrations (30% air saturation and 100% air saturation)

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