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Fig. 3

From: High dissolved oxygen tension triggers outer membrane vesicle formation by Neisseria meningitidis

Fig. 3

Verification of the dissolved oxygen changestat cultures. One replicate of the N. meningitidis dissolved oxygen changestat was maintained at 150% air saturation upon reaching this value (a). The specific sOMV productivity remained at 7 × 1010 sOMVs/L culture OD590 per hour , confirming the measurements in the changestats. Another replicate was returned to a steady state at 30% air saturation (b). During 5 dilutions, wash out of the OMVs produced at increased oxygen concentrations during the changestat was observed, resulting in a steady with similar productivity (1.6 × 1010 sOMVs/L culture OD590 per hour ) to the beginning of the changestat (1.7 × 1010 sOMVs/L culture OD590 per hour)

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