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Table 1 Evaluation of [EMIM]OAc sensitivity in E. coli single gene deletion strains

From: Restoration of biofuel production levels and increased tolerance under ionic liquid stress is enabled by a mutation in the essential Escherichia coli gene cydC

Mutant JW accession number Viability, LB 100 mM [EMIM]OAc
BW25113   +
 ∆acnA JW1268 +
 ∆adhP JW1474 + +
 ∆cysH JW2732 +
 ∆cysI JW2733 +
 ∆cysN JW2721 +
 ∆emrE JW0531 +/−
 ∆fbaB JW5344 +/−
 ∆grxB JW1051 +
 ∆katE JW1721 +
 ∆manX JW1806 +
 ∆nuoC JW5375 +
 ∆osmC JW1477 +
 ∆pspA JW1297 +
 ∆pykA JW1843 +
 ∆rcdA JW5114 + + +
 ∆slp JW3474 +/−
 ∆ugpB JW3418 +
 ∆uspG JW0600 +
 ∆ybgL JW0703 +
 ∆ydiH JW1675 +
 ∆yihL JW3837 +
 ∆zapB JW3899
  1. Deletion mutants corresponding to candidate upregulated genes identified from shotgun proteomics were obtained from the Keio collection. Precultures of the indicated genotype were serially diluted into wells of a microtiter plate and spotted onto solid LB agar media with or without 100 mM [EMIM]OAc. Growth of each E. coli deletion strain was compared to growth of a wild-type E. coli of the same strain background (BW25113). No pre-existing growth defects were observed on LB agar plates without supplemental [EMIM]OAc