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Table 3 Comparison of l-PAPA yields in next generation strains

From: Production of p-amino-l-phenylalanine (l-PAPA) from glycerol by metabolic grafting of Escherichia coli

E. coli strains Final OD (600 nm) Yield l-PAPA/glycerol (g g−1) Final l-PAPA titer (mg l−1)
FUS 4/pC53BC/pJNT-aroFBL 3.77 ± 0.25 0.04 202.7 ± 4.5
FUS 4.7/pC53BC/pJNT-aroFBL 3.66 ± 0.13 0.09 449.4 ± 29.4
FUS 4.7R/pC53BC/pJNT-aroFBL 3.86 ± 0.14 0.11 534.1 ± 24.1
  1. Double auxotroph strains carrying two plasmids (pC53BC and pJNT-aroFBL) were grown in shake flasks in minimal media with 5 g l−1 glycerol and supplemented by l-Phe and l-Tyr (0.04 g l−1 each) and appropriate antibiotics. Induction with IPTG (0.5 mM final concentration) was at OD600 of ca. 0.6 and strains were further incubated until a total cultivation time of 48 h. The cultivations were performed in triplicate and mean values and standard deviations are given