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Table 2 Formation of l-PAPA in E. coli wild-type strain with different plasmid combinations

From: Production of p-amino-l-phenylalanine (l-PAPA) from glycerol by metabolic grafting of Escherichia coli

Plasmid combination Final OD (600 nm) Yield l-PAPA/glycerol (g g−1) Final l-PAPA titer (mg l−1)
pJF119EH/pJNT522 5.89 ± 0.35 0 0
pC53BC/pJNT522 5.01 ± 0.95 0.01 43.2 ± 2
pC53BC/pJNT-aroFBL 4.75 ± 0.85 0.02 86.6 ± 4
  1. E. coli LJ110 wild-type strain was transformed with two different and compatible IPTG-inducible plasmids (control plasmids pJF119EH and pJNT522) to study the effects of the presence of pabAB, papBC, and aroFBL genes, respectively. pC53BC carries pabAB and papBC as a gene cassette under the control of a Ptac promoter. To study the effect of enhanced flux through the aromatic pathway, aroFBL were cloned onto pJNT522 plasmid. Biomass yields after 48 h of cultivation in minimal media with 5 g l−1 glycerol are shown as OD600 values. The cultivations were performed in triplicate and mean values and standard deviations are given