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Table 1 The plasmids and bacterial strains used in this study

From: Influence of global gene regulatory networks on single cell heterogeneity of green fluorescent protein production in Bacillus subtilis

Strains and plasmids Phenotype or property Source or references
 B. subtilis
  168 trpC2 [47]
  168_sfGFP(Sp) trpC2, amyE::Physpank-sfgfp(Sp) spcr [32]
  168_sfGFP(Sp)_CodYR214C trpC2, codYR214C cmr, amyE::Physpank-sfgfp(Sp) spcr This study
  168_sfGFP(Sp)_CcpAT19S trpC2, ccpAT19S kmr, amyE::Physpank-sfgfp(Sp) spcr This study
  168_sfGFP(Sp)_CodYR214CCcpAT19S trpC2, codYR214C cmr, ccpAT19S kmr, amyE::Physpank- sfgfp(Sp) spcr This study
 E. coli
  MC1061 F, araD139, Δ(ara-leu)7696, Δ(lac)X74, galU, galK, hsdR2, mcrA, mcrB1, rspL [48]
 pCH3_CcpAT19S pUC18_aroA_ccpAT19S_kmr_ytxD [34]
 pJV153 pUC18_clpY_codYR214C_cmr_flgB [34]