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Table 1 Putative NADPH-dependent reductases identified in the Y. lipolytica CGMCC7326 genome

From: Identification, characterization of two NADPH-dependent erythrose reductases in the yeast Yarrowia lipolytica and improvement of erythritol productivity using metabolic engineering

Gene ID in Y. lipolytica CGMCC7326 Counterpart gene ID in Y. lipolytica CLIB122 Protein Predicted function
g141.t1 YALI0D07634g ER10a Probable NAD(P)H-dependent
d-Xylose reductase xyl1
g413.t1 YALI0F09075g ER05 NADPH-dependent aldehyde reductase ARI1
g414.t1 YALI0F09097g ER08 Putative NADPH-dependent methylglyoxal reductase GRP2
g801.t1 YALI0F18590g ER27a putative NADP-dependent aldo/keto reductase
g973.t1 YALI0A15906g ER17 putative NADPH-dependent galactose-induced protein of aldo–keto reductase
g3023.t1 YALI0C13508g ER25a Putative NADPH-dependent aldo–keto reductase gene
g3251.t1 YALI0C20251g ER20 Putative NADPH-dependent methylglyoxal reductase GRP2
g3449.t1 YALI0C06171g ER22 NADP(H)-dependent oxidoreductase YfmJ
g3584.t1 YALI0C02805g ER14 probable NADPH-dependent beta-ketoacyl reductase
g5171.t1 YALI0B15268g ER18 NADPH-dependent alpha-ketoamide reductase
g5456.t1 YALI0B01298g ER24 NADP-preferring aldehyde dehydrogenase
g5767.t1 YALI0B07117g ER16 probable NADP(H)-dependent aldo–keto reductase gene
  1. aIndicates that the protein has d-erythrose reductase activity