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Table 1 Turnover number (kcat) for enzymes with published kinetic data used in the artemisinic acid pathway in S. cerevisiae [8]

From: An estimate is worth about a thousand experiments: using order-of-magnitude estimates to identify cellular engineering targets

Enzyme kcat (s−1) Reference
ERG10 NR  
ERG13 NR  
tHMG1 0.4a [9]
ERG12 16 [10]
ERG8 40a [11]
MVD1 5 [12]
IDI1 7a [13]
ERG20 NR  
ADS 0.2 [6]
ADH1 41 [5]
ALDH1 1.5 [14]
  1. NR not reported
  2. aEstimated from specific activity