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Table 2 Strains used or constructed in this study

From: Production of a human milk oligosaccharide 2′-fucosyllactose by metabolically engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Name Description Reference
D452-2 S. cerevisiae, MATα, leu2, his3, ura3, and can1 [26]
D452-2_FKP_Control D452-2 harboring pRS425GPD This study
D452-2_BF_FKP D452-2 harboring pRS425GPD_BF_fkp This study
D452-2_BT_FKP D452-2 harboring pRS425GPD_BT_fkp This study
D452-2_BO_FKP D452-2 harboring pRS425GPD_BO_fkp This study
D452-2_LFF D452-2 harboring pRS423GPD_LAC12, pRS425GPD_BF_fkp, and pRS426GPD_fucT2 This study
D452-2_LFF_Control D452-2 harboring pRS423GPD, pRS425GPD, and pRS426GPD This study