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Table 1 Aspergillus niger strains used in this work

From: Construction of an improved Aspergillus niger platform for enhanced glucoamylase secretion

Name Genotype Reference
FG7 kusA, pyrG+, egfp::sncA (derivative of MA70.15) [30]
SS1.1 kusA, pyrG, egfp::sncA (derivative of FG7) This study
MF7.4 kusA, pyrG+, egfp::sncA,glaA::DR-AopyrG-DR (derivative of SS1.1) This study
MF9.1 kusA, pyrG, egfp::sncA,glaA (derivative of MF7.4) This study
MF19.5 kusA, pyrG+, egfp::sncA,glaA, Tet-on::glaA (derivative of MF9.1) This study
MF22.4 kusA, pyrG+, egfp::sncA, ∆glaA, Tet-on::glaA, ∆racA::hygR (derivative of MF19.5) This study