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Fig. 2

From: Biosynthesis of angelyl-CoA in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Fig. 2

Intracellular accumulation of Pr-CoA and AN-CoA in S. cerevisiae strains expressing the ssfENKJ genes. a Graphical representation of the pathway starting with propionic acid feeding. b Pr-CoA accumulation in strains expressing ssfENKJ, and ssfENKJ together with prpE, shown as fold change compared to the respective control strains. Engineered strains were incubated in selective SC medium either non supplemented (“non fed”) or supplemented with 0.5 g/L propionic acid (“+ propionate”). c Intracellular accumulation of AN-CoA in strains ANG3 (ssfENKJ) and in strain ANG4 (prpE + ssfENKJ) grown for 72 h in SC medium supplemented with 0.5 g/L propionic acid. The medium was buffered to pH 4.5 (yellow bars) or supplied unbuffered (green bars). Circles indicate OD600 at 72 h of growth. Represented are the averages and standard deviations of three independent cultures

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