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Table 3 Genes and induction conditions leading to the highest obtained hydroxybenzoate product titers in C. glutamicum DelAro5

From: Corynebacterium glutamicum as platform for the production of hydroxybenzoic acids

Product DAHP synthase Codon-optimization Hydroxybenzoate-forming enzyme Codon-optimization IPTG concentration (µM) Product titer (g/L)
protocatechuate aroF* Yes qsuB Noa 20 1.47
2-hydroxybenzoate aroF* Yes irp9 Yes 20 0.01
3-hydroxybenzoate aroF* Yes hyg5 Yes 40 0.26
4-hydroxybenzoate aroH No ubiC No 1000 2.32
  1. aEndogenous gene (cg0502)