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Fig. 2

From: Corynebacterium glutamicum as platform for the production of hydroxybenzoic acids

Fig. 2

Deleted gene clusters and thus abolished catabolic pathways for aromatic compounds in C. glutamicum DelAro5. During the construction of C. glutamicum DelAro5 altogether 27 genes involved in the catabolic network for aromatic compounds and organized in the five clusters were deleted. Among these, genes coding for enzymes involved in the degradation of the depicted hydroxybenzoates are shown in the same color (orange: β-ketoadipate pathway, green: gentisate pathway). No catabolic pathway for 2-hydroxybenzoate is present in C. glutamicum. Genes shown in gray code for enzymes involved in catabolic pathways for phenylpropanoids, shikimate, catechol and benzoate

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