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Table 4 Summary of analytical results on target protein production and characterization

From: Establishment of a yeast-based VLP platform for antigen presentation

Designation of analyzed strains Fusion protein co-produced with dS N-Glycosylation of the fusion protein detected Identity of foreign antigen confirmed Chimeric VLP formation
D#113 E2BVDV344-dS Yes Yes Yes
D#106 E2BVDV196-dS Yes Yes Yes
D#117 dS-E2BVDV196 No No Yes
D#53 E2CSFV337-dS Yes Yes Yes
D#73 E2CSFV184-dS Yes Yes Yes
D#79 E2CSFV102-dS No Yes Yes
M#22-8 FeLVp45-dS Yes NE Yes
M#4-5 FeLVp45-dS and FeLVp15E-dS NE NE Yesa
T#3-3 EDIIIWNV-dS NE Yes Yes
Assay applied Anti-dS Western blot Protein deglycosylation assay Western blotb Ultracentrifugation
  1. NE not examined
  2. aFormation of chimeric VLP composed of dS, FeLVp45-dS and FeLVp15E-dS
  3. bApplying primary antibodies specific for the respective foreign antigen as indicated in Table 1