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Fig. 7

From: Establishment of a yeast-based VLP platform for antigen presentation

Fig. 7

Characterization of chimeric VLP isolated from strain T#3-3 co-producing dS and EDIIIWNV-dS and desalted by SEC. a TEM image after negative staining (100,000-fold magnification); b DLS data after regularization analysis; c lanes 1–11: Western blot analysis of fractions harvested from analytical CsCl density gradient separation (density increases gradually from lanes 1–11) probed with anti-dS mAB 7C12; Coomassie stained PAA gels for analysis of final VLP preparations after desalting by dialysis (lane 12) or SEC (lane 13), 10 µg protein loaded; d dot blot analysis of the native sample desalted by SEC and probed with anti-WNV mAB, position 1: chimeric VLP displaying the WNV antigen, position 2: plain dS VLP as a negative control

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