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Fig. 1

From: Establishment of a yeast-based VLP platform for antigen presentation

Fig. 1

Map of the novel expression plasmid pB14-2xFPMT-dS carrying two expression cassettes specifically tailored to heterologous co-production of the dS and a fusion protein for chimeric VLP production with H. polymorpha. The dS encoding gene is stably inserted. The ORF encoding the desired fusion protein is to be inserted using EcoRI and BamHI sites. The S. cerevisiae URA3 gene was used for selection of bacteria and yeast. Further features: ori, origin of replication; HARS1, H. polymorpha autonomously replicating sequence 1; FMD-P, FMD promoter; MOX, MOX terminator both derived from H. polymorpha genome

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