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Table 1 Fermentation characteristics of the three engineered recombinant biosurfactant producers (CDW cell dry weigth, SF surfactant, Glc glucose)

From: Designer rhamnolipids by reduction of congener diversity: production and characterization

Organism Glucose [g/L] Cell dry weight [gCDW/L] Maximal titer [gSF/L] Yield [gSF/ gGlc] Carbon yielda [CmolSF/ CmolGlc] Production timeb [h] Specific surfactant-production ratec [gSF/(gCDW h)]
P. putida KT2440 pPS05 11 3.4 2.40 0.23 0.35 (49%) 23 0.031
P. putida KT2440 pWJ02 10 1.8 3.26 0.33 0.49 (68%) 48 0.038
P. putida KT2440 pSB01 10 5.7 1.54 0.15 0.27 (41%) 22 0.012
  1. aFor the calculation of yields during production on complex media, rhamnolipids and HAAs were assumed to be synthesized from the used carbon source, while media compounds were utilized for cell growth. The numbers in parenthesis show the percentage of the maximal possible theoretical yield reached
  2. bThe production time is the time past until the maximal titer was reached
  3. cThe specific production rates were calculated as average over the fermentation time until the peak point was reached