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Table 1 Binding affinity and melting temperature (Tm) for EBOV GP binding sdAb

From: Selection, characterization, and thermal stabilization of llama single domain antibodies towards Ebola virus glycoprotein

Clone name Tm (°C) ka (1/Ms) kd (1/s) KD (M)
EBOV-GP-E7 54 3.5E+03 1.1E−04 3.4E−08
EBOV-GP-G6 67 7.0E+04 1.5E−04 2.0E−09
EBOV-GP-H7 68 1.7E+04 3.0E−04 1.7E−08
EBOV-GP-A8 60 3.1E+04 7.2E−05 2.3E−09
EBOV-GP-D1 51 3.0E+04 3.3E−04 1.1E−08
EBOV-GP-B5 60 3.4E+04 3.7E−04 1.1E−08
EBOV-GP-C12 62 3.28E+03 8.71E−05 2.68E−08
EBOV-GP-G11 46 No binding No binding No binding
EBOV-GP-G3 61 No binding No binding No binding
EBOV-GP-B11 62 8.98E+04 3.21E−03 3.59E−08
  1. Ten sdAbs representing the sequence families identified in selections for EBOV GP were characterized in terms of melting temperature and binding ability. Melting temperatures were determined by a fluorescent dye melt assay. Binding kinetics were measured by surface plasmon resonance (SPR)