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Table 1 Comparison of shikimate production in different recombinant E. coli strains

From: Novel technologies combined with traditional metabolic engineering strategies facilitate the construction of shikimate-producing Escherichia coli

E. coli strains Engineering strategies Culture methods Carbon source Shikimate production References
Titer (g/L) Yield (g/g)
SP1.1pts/pSC6.090B RB791 (ΔptsHΔptsIΔcrr, serA::aroB, aroL478::Tn10, aroK17::CmR)/pSU18-P tac glfglk-aroF FBR-tktA-P tac aroE-serA 10-L fed-batch fermentation Glucose 87 0.348 [20]
SP1.1/pKD12.138 RB791 (ΔptsHΔptsIΔcrr, serA::aroB, aroL478::Tn10, aroK17::CmR)/pSU18-aroF FBR-P tac aroE-serA-tktA 2-L fed-batch fermentation Glucose 52 0.174 [22]
SA116 BW25113 (ΔaroKΔaroLΔrecA, Ppps::PlacQ1, PcsrB::PlacQ1,) containing aroG FBR-tktA-aroB-aroE gene cluster integrated by CIChE and an additional chromosomal copy of nadK Batch fermentation Glucose 3.12 0.319 [23]
PB12.SA22 JM101 (ΔptsHIcrrΔaroL ΔaroK, glc+)/pJLB-aroG FBR-tktA and pTOPO -aroB-aroE 1-L batch fermentation Glucose 7.05 0.29 [6]
SA5/pTH-aroGfbr-ppsA-tktA B0013 (ΔaroLΔaroK, ΔptsGΔydiBΔackAΔpta)/pTH18kr-aroG FBR-ppsA-tktA 7-L fed-batch fermentation Glucose 14.6 0.293 [5]
P-9 BW25113 (ΔaraCΔptaΔptsGΔaroLΔtrpRΔpykF) with the wild aroK promoter replaced by the tunable switch/pUC19-aroE-aroD-aroB and pCL1920-aroG FBR-tktA 5-L fed-batch fermentation Glucose 13.15 0.204 [12]
SA5/pGBAE BW25113 (ΔaroLΔaroK, ΔptsHIcrr::aroG-aroB- tktA-aroE-glk-galP, ΔtyrR::ppsA)/pETDuet-1 -P T7 -aroG-aroB-P T7 -tktA-aroE 5-L fed-batch fermentation Glucose and glycerol 27.41 Na [31]
SK5/pSK6 BW25113 (ΔaroLΔaroKΔydiBΔppcΔldhA)/pSA40-aroB-tktA-aroG FBR-DHQ/SDH-rpsM-aroK Batch fermentation Glycerol 5.33 N [8]
DH5a-T7-P-DK BL21 (DE3)/pET-28a-glpD-glpK and pAOC-aroE-aroB-glk-tktA-aroF FBR Batch fermentation Glycerol 0.2 0.175 [44]
BW25113 (ΔaroLΔaroK, DE3)/pETDuet-GBAE BW25113 (ΔaroLΔaroK, DE3)/pETDuet-1-aroG-aroB-tktA-aroE Batch fermentation Sorbitol 1.0776 0.192 [45]
DHPYAAS-T7 DH5α (ΔptsHIcrr ΔaroLΔydiBΔaroK)/pAOC-aroE-aroB-glk-tktA-aroF FBR 10-L fed-batch fermentation Glycerol 1.85 0.093 [24]
  1. aNot indicated in the reference