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Fig. 3

From: From hybridomas to a robust microalgal-based production platform: molecular design of a diatom secreting monoclonal antibodies directed against the Marburg virus nucleoprotein

Fig. 3

Production of chimeric α MARV NP IgG antibodies in P. tricornutum. a Chimeric antibody variants with rabbit and human Fc-regions are like the original murine IgG complex secreted by P. tricornutum. The secreted antibodies are assembled as demonstrated by gelelectrophoretic separation of reduced and non-reduced samples followed by western blot assays with α human and α rabbit secondary antibodies respectively (100 ng of algal produced antibody were loaded). Beside the ~170 kDa signal of the completely assembled IgG complex a second signal of about 130 kDa was detected for the humanized antibody version, however this is also true for a sample of human IgG standard. b Western blot assays using both chimeric variants as detection antibody for MARV NP demonstrate that both antibodies are functional and recognize the target antigen. Cell extract of MARV infected HuH7 cells was separated by SDS-PAGE, followed by western blot analyses using 500 ng/ml antibody for detection

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