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Table 2 Carbohydrate composition (% dry matter) of pectin

From: Scaling up and scaling down the production of galactaric acid from pectin using Trichoderma reesei

Pectin Sigma P1935 Meridianstar rapid set
d-Galacturonate 65.6 43.0
d-Glucose 1.7 35.5
l-Arabinose 1.2 1.5
d-Galactose + d-xylose 11 4
  1. Pectin was hydrolysed by addition of 0.5–1.0 mL L−1 Pectinex Ultra with 0.1 mL L−1 Pectinex Smash and incubation at 40 °C. d-Galactose and d-xylose were not separated on the HPLC column used