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Fig. 1

From: Scaling up and scaling down the production of galactaric acid from pectin using Trichoderma reesei

Fig. 1

Galactaric acid production and d-galacturonic acid consumption in 24-well plates. T. reesei Δgar1 udh strains, in which the udh gene was under control of the CBH1, PDC1, cDNA1 or GPDA (VTT D-161646) promoters, and M122, which contains gar1 and does not contain udh, were grown in 4 mL medium containing pure d-galacturonate (a, b) or hydrolysed pectin (c, d) as substrate in 24-well plates. All values have been adjusted for evaporation, except those for the medium in wells with pure d-galacturonic acid. Values for pCBH1, pPDC1 and pcDNA1 represent mean ± sem for n = 3. Where not seen, error bars were smaller than the symbols

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