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Fig. 4

From: Development of a counterselectable seamless mutagenesis system in lactic acid bacteria

Fig. 4

Assessment of the counterselection with nPldh-pheS* cassettes in Lc. lactis NZ9000. a Determination of the transcription strength of the nPldh-gfp promoter clusters by fluorescence analysis. b Structure of nPldh-pheS* cassettes used in this study. c Detection of the sensitivity of various integrants to 15 mM p-Cl-Phe. Lc. lactis IGn indicates a derivative of Lc. lactis NZ9000 in which the nPldh-pheS* cassette was inserted into the genomic DNA by a single-crossover process. A GM9 plates; B GM9 plates with 15 mM p-Cl-Phe. The letter of “n” means the copy number of Pldh

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