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Fig. 5

From: Microtiter plate cultivation of oleaginous fungi and monitoring of lipogenesis by high-throughput FTIR spectroscopy

Fig. 5

Exploratory analysis of FTIR data and comparison with GC reference data. a First and second scores (PC1, PC2) in PCA of the auto-scaled GC fatty acid data (PC1 axis is reversed in the GC score plot). b First and second scores in PCA of the preprocessed FTIR spectra in the spectral range of 3100–2800 cm−1. c Total lipid content measured by reference GC method and followed by the C=O ester peak height from the pre-processed FTIR spectra (n = 3, error bars = SD). d Relationship between unsaturation indices and position of the =C–H stretching bond peak maxima (cm−1) in FTIR spectra. Unsaturation index = [Σ(% monoene + 2× % diene + 3× % triene)]/100 [35]

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