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Table 2 The chemical formula, molecular mass, and type of the sophorolipid (SL) homologues produced by Rhodotorula babjevae YS3 (SL-YS3), along with the sophorolipid standard, 1,4′′-sophorolactone 6′,6′′-diacetate (SL-S) as determined by LC–MS (LS lactonic SL, AS acidic SL, Ac acetyl group)

From: Production, characterization, and antifungal activity of a biosurfactant produced by Rhodotorula babjevae YS3

Homologue Formula Molecular mass Type of SL Source
AS-C11 C22H42O13 514.56 Acidic SL-YS3
LS-C13:1 C25H42O12 534.59 Lactonic SL-YS3
AS-C13:1 C25H44O13 552.61 Acidic SL-YS3
LS-C15:3 C27H46O12 562.65 Lactonic SL-YS3
LS-C16 C28H50O12 578.69 Lactonic SL-YS3
LS-C18:2 C30H50O12 602.71 Lactonic SL-YS3
Ac2LS-C18:1 C34H56O14 688.80 Lactonic SL-S
Ac2LS-C18 C34H58O14 690.81 Lactonic SL-YS3, SL-S
  1. LS lactonic SL, AS acidic SL, Ac acetyl group. SL-YS3 = Sophorolipid by Rhodotorula babjevae YS3, SL-S = sophorolipid standard, 1,4′′-sophorolactone 6′,6′′-diacetate