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Fig. 8

From: Production, characterization, and antifungal activity of a biosurfactant produced by Rhodotorula babjevae YS3

Fig. 8

LC–MS spectra of the standard sophorolactone (SL), 1,4′′-sophorolactone 6′,6′′-diacetate in positive electrospray ionization mode (+ESI). a MS showing the protonated ion and sodiated adducts of di-acetylated lactonic sophorolipids (Ac2LS) with octadecenoic (C18:1) lipid side chains at m/z values 689 and 711 respectively. b The peaks at m/z 691 and 713 represent protonated ion and sodiated adduct of Ac2LS with octadecanoic (C18) lipid chain

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