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Fig. 3

From: Type IIs restriction based combinatory modulation technique for metabolic pathway optimization

Fig. 3

Determination of successfully assembled combinatory expression library pACYC184-AL-mva in host DXS37-IDI46. A 35% successful assembly ratio was determined by PCR analysis of randomly selected colonies, and a 100% assembly ratio was achieved with a color based pre-screening process. a DXS37-IDI46 transformed with TRCM assembly reaction solution after overnight incubation on LB plate. Colonies were randomly picked and analyzed by colony PCR to determine ratio of successfully assembled pACYC184-AL-mva. M marker, 121 colonies picked from LB plate. b Colonies from original plates were picked and evenly re-streaked on fresh chloramphenicol LB plates, then were validated by colony PCR. M marker, 124 colonies picked from the plate

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