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Table 2 Comparison of yield, benefits and limitations in the heterologous producers of coenzyme Q10

From: Cellular factories for coenzyme Q10 production

Host Bacteria (E. coli) Yeast (S. cerevisiae) Plants
Yield 0.45–3.63 mg/g DCW 12.3 µg/g DCW Not used
Suitability for human consumption No Generally recognized as safe (GRAS) Yes
Produced CoQ10 proposed to serve as direct dietary supplement
Fast growth Yes Yes No
Dependency on harvesting time
Extensive knowledge and tool-kit available for genetic, metabolic, protein engineering Yes Yes No
Cultivation/culture density High High Low
Require large plot of arable land
Mixed chain length products produced and increase cost of purification of CoQ10 Yes Yes Yes
Inability to sidestep metabolic bottlenecks to induce high production level Yes Yes Yes