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Fig. 5

From: Production and characterization of a novel antifungal chitinase identified by functional screening of a suppressive-soil metagenome

Fig. 5

Size distribution of chitosan oligomers after Chi18H8 degradation of a water-soluble chitin-like substrate (chitosan with a 63% degree of acetylation). The chromatograms (using a refractive-index detector) show the size-distribution of the oligomers upon incubating the chitosan substrate (10 mg) with increasing amounts of Chi18H8 (1.16 mg/mL): 2.5 μL (a), 7.5 μL (b), and 26 μL (c). Peaks are labelled with the length of the oligomer or the sequence of the oligomer [AA is the chitin dimer (GlcNAc–GlcNAc)], and were identified by comparison with standard chitin/chitosan oligomers

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