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Fig. 3

From: Production and characterization of a novel antifungal chitinase identified by functional screening of a suppressive-soil metagenome

Fig. 3

a SDS-PAGE and b zymogram analysis of Chi18H8 purification. C.E. crude extract, raw enzyme after solubilization from IBs in 10 mM lactic acid and dialysis against 100 mM HEPES pH 5.6 (loaded onto WA11 resin). 1 fraction corresponding to the flow-through. Std 1 reference protein, His6-GO (5 μg, 42.66 kDa). Std 2 zymogram reference protein, chitinases from Trichoderma viride (Sigma-Aldrich). LMW standards proteins. Chi18H8 protein spots are indicated by arrows

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