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Table 2 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Engineered biosynthesis of milbemycins in the avermectin high-producing strain Streptomyces avermitilis

Strain/plasmid Description Source/References
E. coli DH5α Host for plasmids construction and subcloning New England Biolabs
E. coli ET12567/pUZ8002 Non-methylating ET12567 containing non-transmissible RP4 derivative plasmid pUZ8002 Kieser et al. [28]
S. hygroscopicus subsp. aureolacrimosus NRRL 5739 The milbemycin-producing strain Takiguchi et al. [6]
S. avermitilis SA-01 Industrial avermectin-producing S. avermitilis This study
S. avermitilis SAMA1 Mutant strain of S. avermitilis SA-01 with AveA1 replaced by MilA1 This study
S. avermitilis SAMA13 Mutant strain of SAMA1 with AveA3 replaced by MilA3 This study
S. avermitilis SAMA1M7 Mutant strain of SAMA1 with AveA3-module7 replaced by MilA3-module7 This study
S. avermitilis SAMA1M7ΔD AveD disruption mutant of SAMA1M7 This study
pLitmus28 E. coli vector for subcloning, AmpR New England Biolabs
pGEM T easy E. coli vector for cloning PCR products, AmpR Promega
pCR2.1 TOPO E. coli vector for cloning PCR products, AmpR Invitrogen
pKC1139 Temperature-sensitive E. coli-Streptomyces shuttle vector containing oriT for gene substitution and disruption, AprR Bierman et al. [27]
pSAMA1 pKC1139-based plasmid containing aveA1 upstream fragment, entire milA1 fragment, and aveA1 downstream fragment This study
pSAMA13 pKC1139-based plasmid containing aveA3 upstream fragment, entire milA3 fragment, and aveA3 downstream fragment This study
pSAMA1M7 pKC1139-based plasmid containing aveA3-module 7 upstream fragment, milA3-module 7 fragment, and aveA3-module 7 downstream fragment This study
pΔAveD pKC1139-based plasmid containing inactivated aveD fragment This study