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Fig. 3

From: Mapping the membrane proteome of anaerobic gut fungi identifies a wealth of carbohydrate binding proteins and transporters

Fig. 3

Putative functions of fungal transporters based on transporter classification data base (TCDB) analysis. a 1868 fungal transporter components from three gut fungal strains were sorted based on TCDB homology using a stringent 70% coverage criterion. The major functional transporter categories are: solute transport, protein biogenesis/general secretory pathway, nuclear import/export, peroxisomal import machinery, and import into plastids (hydrogenosomes). The “Other” category contains accessory factors and incompletely characterized transport systems. b Shows the distribution of the functional categories in the three gut fungal strains. Total number of transcripts encoding transporter components in Neocallimastix: 826 transcripts; Anaeromyces: 554 transcripts; Piromyces: 488 transcripts. The number of transcripts in the different categories is shown in brackets

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