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Fig. 1

From: Mapping the membrane proteome of anaerobic gut fungi identifies a wealth of carbohydrate binding proteins and transporters

Fig. 1

Integral membrane proteins are identified from gut fungal transcriptomes using bioinformatics filtering. a Displays a quantitative ‘funneling process’, where the total transcriptome is reduced to the membrane protein component by filtering the predicted soluble proteins, antisense transcripts, and extracellularly secreted proteins. b Demonstrates the pipeline used for protein annotation. All possible ORFs are extracted from the assembled transcripts, and protein annotations, gene ontology (GO) terms, and enzyme commission (EC) numbers are obtained by aligning the ORFs to the NCBI database (E ≤10−3) with BLASTx and comparing the ORFs to the EMBL database with the InterProScan tool. InterProScan utilizes SignalP and TMHMM to predict ER targeting signal peptides and transmembrane domains. Finally, the ORFs are aligned to the TCDB database to identify possible transporters and predict transporter substrates

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