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Table 4 Engineered organisms patented for hyaluronic acid synthesis

From: Genetic basis for hyper production of hyaluronic acid in natural and engineered microorganisms

Host cell Patent number Patent date
Escherichia coli US2014099673 (A1) 10/04/2014
EP2614088 (A1) 17/07/2013
CN102154190 (A) 17/08/2011
Bacillus subtilis EP2614088 (A1) 17/07/2013
Bacillus megaterium US2014099673 (A1) 10/04/2014
Streptococcus zooepidemicus CN103993031 (A) 20/08/2014
Streptococcus thermophilus JP2012130287 (A) 12/07/2012
Pichia pastoris CN104212732 (A) 17/12/2014
Yeast cella JP2007174957 (A) 12/07/2007
Alga cell EP2914716 (A1) 09/09/2015
Plant cell PT1951878 (E) 08/06/2015
AU2013201153 (A1) 21/03/2013
US2009260108 (A1) 15/10/2009
  US2009199311 (A1) 06/08/2009
  1. aYeast specie not informed