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Table 1 Main characteristic of HA synthases from Class I and II

From: Genetic basis for hyper production of hyaluronic acid in natural and engineered microorganisms

  Class I Class II
Reducing Nonreducing
Organisms Streptococcus pyogenes, S. equisimilis, S. uberis, mammalian and avian Amphibian species, algal virus HAS of Pasteurella multocida
Size (amino acids) 417–588 972
Membrane attachment domain 6–8 membrane-associated domains C-terminal membrane anchor
HA chain growth At reducing end At nonreducing end At nonreducing end
Reaction type Hexosyl group transfer hexosyl group transfer
Metals and ions Co2+; KCl; Mg2+; Mn2+; NaCl Co2+; Mg2+; Mn2+;
KM value [mM] 0.032–1.1 0.014-0.91
Ki value [mM] 1.2–4.5 ND
pH optimum 5–9 ND
Temperature optimum (ºC) 22–60 ND
  1. ND not determined