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Table 2 Examples for the genetically engineering of T. reesei towards overproduction of a metabolite or interesting molecule

From: Cellulases and beyond: the first 70 years of the enzyme producer Trichoderma reesei

Substance produced Substrate employed T. reesei strain background Genetic alteration Maximum titer Reference
Ethylene Wheat straw, cellulose T. reesei (viride) TL124 Ethylene forming enzyme of Pseudomonas syringae expressed under the cel7a promoter 1.06 µl h−1 g−1 dry weight [169]
Ethylene Wheat straw QM9414 Ethylene forming enzyme of P. syringae expressed under the cel7a, pgk1 and A. nidulans gpdA promoters 4.012 nl h−1 l−1 [170]
N-acetyl-neuraminic acid Chitin QM9414 Expression of codon optimized N-acetyl glucosamine-2-epimerase from Anabaena sp. and N-acetyl neuramininc acid synthase from Campylobacter jejuni under the pki1 and xyn1 promoters 13 µg g−1 mycelium [171]
Xylitol Barley straw QM9414 Deletion of xylitol dehydrogenase, double deletion of xylitol dehydrogenase and l-arabinitol-4-dehydrogenase 13.2 g l−1 [172]
Xylitol Xylose and glucose QM9414 Knockdown (antisense RNA) of xylulokinase; deletion of xylitol dehydrogenase, overexpression of d-xylose reductase 3.7 g l−1 [173]
Erythritol Wheat straw RUT-C30, QM6a Erythrose reductase expressed under the pki1 and bxl1 promoters 5 mg l−1 [174]