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Fig. 1

From: Cellulases and beyond: the first 70 years of the enzyme producer Trichoderma reesei

Fig. 1

a Installed and planned cellulosic ethanol production as of April 2015 in million liter per year (MMLY). Capacity data were compiled from different specialist publications on cellulosic biofuels and press releases of involved consortia and companies. b Number of different technical enzyme preparations produced by individual species. c Number of a given type of enzyme produced by T. reesei (darker color) or other fungi (lighter color). In both cases (B + C) data were retrieved from the list of technical enzymes (2014 version) with kind permission from the Association of Manufacturers and Formulators of enzyme products ( d Number of research papers per year for different fungi retrieved by a Scopus search with the species name as the entry. Results were averaged over 3 year intervals to reduce the effect of random fluctuation. When a second name for the species exists, control searches with both names were performed and the numbers compiled

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