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Table 4 Strains used in this study

From: A novel strategy for protein production using non-classical secretion pathway in Bacillus subtilis

Strains Genotype and/or relevant characteristic(s) Source
E. coli DH5α FlacU169(Ø80d lacZ∆M15) supE44 hsdR17 recA1 gyrA96 endA1 thi-1 relA1 Invitrogen
B. subtilis 168 trpC2 Lab stock
B. subtilis 1A751 eglS∆102 bglT/bglS∆EV aprE nprE his BGSC
B. licheniformis CICC 10181 Wild-type B. licheniformis, amyL gene CICC
G. stearothermophilus ATCC 31195 Wild-type G. stearothermophilus, amyS gene, bgaB gene ATCC
1A751C 1A751 containing pMA5; Kmr This work
1A751R 1A751 containing pMA5R; Kmr This work
1A751RS1 1A751 containing pMA5RS1; Kmr This work
1A751RS2 1A751 containing pMA5RS2; Kmr This work
1A751RS3 1A751 containing pMA5RS3; Kmr This work
1A751RS4 1A751 containing pMA5RS4; Kmr This work
1A751RT1 1A751 containing pMA5RT1; Kmr Lab stock
1A751RT2 1A751 containing pMA5RT2; Kmr This work
1A751RT3 1A751 containing pMA5RT3; Kmr This work
1A751RT4 1A751 containing pMA5RT4; Kmr This work
1A751P 1A751 containing pMA5P; Kmr This work
1A751Y 1A751 containing pMA5Y; Kmr This work
1A751S 1A751∆araR::ParaR-Spe; Sper Lab stock
1A751T1 1A751S ∆tatAdCd; Sper This work
1A751T2 1A751S∆tatAdCdtatAyCy; Sper This work
1A751T3 1A751S∆tatAdCdtatAyCy ΔtatAc; Sper This work
1A751T3P 1A751T3 containing pMA5P; Sper Kmr This work
1A751T3Y 1A751T3 containing pMA5Y; Sper Kmr This work
1A751T3R 1A751T3 containing pMA5R; Sper Kmr This work
1A751R1 1A751 containing pMA5R1; Kmr This work
1A751R2 1A751 containing pMA5R2; Kmr This work
1A751R3 1A751 containing pMA5R3; Kmr This work
1A751R4 1A751 containing pMA5R4; Kmr This work
1A751R5 1A751 containing pMA5R5; Kmr This work
1A751R6 1A751 containing pMA5R6; Kmr This work
1A751R7 1A751 containing pMA5R7; Kmr This work
1A751R8 1A751 containing pMA5R8; Kmr This work
1A751R9 1A751 containing pMA5R9; Kmr This work
1A751R10 1A751 containing pMA5R10; Kmr This work
1A751R11 1A751 containing pMA5R11; Kmr This work
1A751R12 1A751 containing pMA5R12; Kmr This work
1A751R13 1A751 containing pMA5R13; Kmr This work
1A751R14 1A751 containing pMA5R14; Kmr This work
1A751R15 1A751 containing pMA5R15; Kmr This work
1A751R16 1A751 containing pMA5R16; Kmr This work
1A751R17 1A751 containing pMA5R17; Kmr This work
1A751R18 1A751 containing pMA5R18; Kmr This work
1A751R16E 1A751 containing pMA5R16E; Kmr This work
1A751R17E 1A751 containing pMA5R17E; Kmr This work
1A751L 1A751 containing pMA5L; Kmr Lab stock
1A751G 1A751 containing pMA5G; Kmr Lab stock
  1. CICC China Center of Industrial Culture Collection (
  2. ATCC American Type Culture Collection
  3. BGSC Bacillus Genetic Stock Center, USA