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Fig. 4

From: Development of an efficient autoinducible expression system by promoter engineering in Bacillus subtilis

Fig. 4

The core region of the two dual promoters and the derivatives of the P srfA -P HpaII dual promoter (a). Two dual promoters were constructed to increase the expression and the core regions of P srfA -P HpaII dual promoter (named as P17 in the figure) were changed individually or in combination to the corresponding consensus sequences yielding the mutants of the P18 promoter to the P27 promoter. The mutant sequences compared to the wild-type sequences of the P17 promoter were represented in bold italic. The expression patterns of the dual promoters were compared to that of the P srfA promoter (b). The fluorescence intensity controlled by the derivatives of P srfA -P HpaII (c) and SDS-PAGE analysis of GFP controlled by the corresponding promoters (d). The band corresponding to GFP was marked

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