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Table 1 List of engineered Synechocystis strains for erythritol production

From: Genetic engineering of Synechocystis PCC6803 for the photoautotrophic production of the sweetener erythritol

  Genotype Parent strain Segregated Highest measured concentration erythritol [#days—OD730]
VPV2 slr0168::Ptrc:tm1254:cmER-kanR WT Yes No erythritol [24d–19.2]
VPV3 slr0168::Ptrc:tm1254:gcy1p-kanR WT Yes No erythritol [24d–9.2]
SAW029 pVZ-Ptrc:tm1254-Ptrc:cmER-kanR WT Plasmid No erythritol [24d–8.8]
SAW030 pVZ-Ptrc:tm1254-Ptrc:gcy1p-kanR WT Plasmid 0.71 mM [35d–12.3]
SEP001 slr0168::Ptrc:tm1254-Ptrc:gcy1p-kanR WT Yes 0.1 mM [24d–8.0]
SEP002 slr0168::Ptrc:yidA-Ptrc:gcy1p-kanR WT Yes No erythritol [24d–6.5]
SEP003 slr0168::Ptrc:sll1524-Ptrc:gcy1p-kanR WT No No erythritol [36d–10.7]
SEP004 slr0168::Ptrc:tm1254-Ptrc:alr1-kanR WT Yes No erythritol [36d–17.7]
SEP005 slr0168::Ptrc:yidA-Ptrc:alr1-kanR WT Yes No erythritol [36d–15.6]
SEP006 slr0168::Ptrc:sll1524-Ptrc:alr1-kanR WT No No erythritol [36d–17.6]
SEP007 slr0168::Ptrc:tm1254-Ptrc:gld1-kanR WT Yes 0.55 mM [36d–17.6]
SEP007m slr0168::Ptrc:tm1254-Ptrc:gld1 WT Yes 0.31 mM [30d–17.6]
SEP008 slr0168::Ptrc:yidA-Ptrc:gld1-kanR WT Yes 0.05 mM [23d–17.3]
SEP009 slr0168::Ptrc:sll1524-Ptrc:gld1-kanR WT No No erythritol [28d–14.7]
SEP010 slr0168::Ptrc:tm1254-Ptrc:pc20-kanR WT Yes 0.04 mM [28d–22.6]
SEP011 slr0168::Ptrc:yidA-Ptrc:pc20-kanR
SEP012 slr0168::Ptrc:sll1524-Ptrc:pc20-kanR WT No No erythritol [28d–24.4]
SEP013 pAVO-Ptrc:tm1254-Ptrc:gld1-kanR WT Plasmid 0.98 mM [30d–19.8]
SEP015 slr0168::Ptrc:tm1254-Ptrc:gld1
SEP007 m Plasmid 0.27 mM [30d–19.5]
SEP016 slr0168::Ptrc:tm1254-Ptrc:gld1
SEP007 m Plasmid 1.0 mM [33d–21.2]
SEP017 slr0168::Ptrc:tm1254-Ptrc:gld1
SEP007 m Plasmid 0.65 mM [33d–22.1]
SEP021 pAVO + -PcpcBA:H-tm1254-Ptrc:gld1-specR WT Plasmid 1.45 mM [28d–17.6]
SEP022 phaA::PpsbA2:tktS7002-His-camR
pAVO + -PcpcBA:H-tm1254-Ptrc:gld1-specR
SRP005 Plasmid 1.9 mM [28d–12.9]
SEP023 phaA::Ptrc:tktS7002-His-camR
pAVO + -PcpcBA:H-tm1254-Ptrc:gld1-specR
SRP006 Plasmid 0.66 mM [28d–12.9]
SEP024 phaA::PpsbA2:pktS7942-His-camR
pAVO + -PcpcBA:H-tm1254-Ptrc:gld1-specR
SRP007 Plasmid 2.1 mM [28d–13.6]
SEP025 phaA::Ptrc:pktS7942-His-camR
pAVO + -PcpcBA:H-tm1254-Ptrc:gld1-specR
SRP008 Plasmid 1.7 mM [28d–15.0]
SRP005 phaA::PpsbA2:tktS7002-His-camR WT Yes NA
SRP006 phaA::Ptrc:tktS7002-His-camR WT Yes NA
SRP007 phaA::PpsbA2:pktS7942-His-camR WT Yes NA
SRP008 phaA::Ptrc:pktS7942-His-camR WT Yes NA
  1. Strains are listed with their respective phosphatase, including tm1254, yidA or sll1524, and erythrose reductase, including cmER, gcy1p, alr1, gld1 or pc20 (Ptrc1 and PcpcBA indicate the used promoters). Slr0168 and phaA mark the respective genes at which genomic insertion took place, whereas pVZ and pAVO are replicative plasmids
  2. NA not applicable. kanR kanamycin resistance cassette, specR spectinomycin resistance cassette, camR chloramphenicol resistance cassette