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Fig. 5

From: Structural and functional features of self-assembling protein nanoparticles produced in endotoxin-free Escherichia coli

Fig. 5

Cell penetrability of nanoparticles. a Internalization of self-assembling nanoparticles analyzed by intracellular fluorescence of HeLa cells incubated with 25 nM of T22-GFP-H6 for 1 h. Internalize fluorescence (determined by flow cytometry) is corrected by specific fluorescence (determined by fluorimetry). The quotient represents relative protein amounts. b Internalization of nanoparticles visualized by confocal microscopy. Nucleus (blue) of HeLa cells were labeled using Hoechst 33342, membranes (red) were labeled with CellMask Deep Red. Cells were incubated with 25 nM of T22-GFP-H6 (green) for 1 h. Bars indicate 15 µm. c Three dimensional 3D reconstruction of T22-GFP-H6 nanoparticles (P2) from KPM335 into HeLa cells. Images were obtained using 35 layers per image. Three different fields of confocal microscopy as well as three angles were viewed through Imaris Bitplane Software. Scale bars indicate 15 µm and symbols mean significant differences: **p < 0.001; *p < 0.05

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