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Fig. 7

From: Homogeneity and heterogeneity in amylase production by Bacillus subtilis under different growth conditions

Fig. 7

Fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometric analysis of GFP expression in B. subtilis 168::pDAamyM-gfp. Fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry were performed with B. subtilis strain 168 carrying plasmid pDAamyM-gfp that encodes the out-of-frame translational amyM-gfpmut3 fusion upon cultivation in LB (a) or EnPressoB (b) medium. Cells were analysed by microscopy (a, b, top) and flow cytometry after 5.5 (black), 8 (red), 24 (blue), and 32 h (yellow), and histograms of GFP expression are shown (a, b, bottom). A comparison of GFP fluorescence levels detected upon growth in LB medium and EnPressoB is shown in c

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