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Table 2 List of the yeast strains used in this study

From: Characterisation of the broad substrate specificity 2-keto acid decarboxylase Aro10p of Saccharomyces kudriavzevii and its implication in aroma development

Strain Species Description Reference
T73 S. cerevisiae Wine strain, Alicante, Spain [49]
IFO1802 S. kudriavzevii Type strain, NCBI [50]
Ta S. cerevisiae T73ho∆::loxP A. Querol
JET01 S. cerevisiae Ta aro10∆::NAT1 This study
JET01Sk S. cerevisiae Ta aro10∆::SkARO10-kX This study
JET01Sc S. cerevisiae Ta aro10∆::ScARO10-kX This study
CEN.PK 711-7C S. cerevisiae MATa ura3-52 pdc1pdc5pdc6aro10thi3 [28]
CEN.PKpSkARO10 S. cerevisiae CEN.PK 711-7C pG-SkARO10-kX This study
CEN.PKpScARO10 S. cerevisiae CEN.PK 711-7C pG-ScARO10-kX This study