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Table 2 Combinations of reactions with improved production yield of succinic acid

From: Designing intracellular metabolism for production of target compounds by introducing a heterologous metabolic reaction based on a Synechosystis sp. 6803 genome-scale model

Total reaction number (n) Number of added metabolic pathways (m) Combinations of metabolic reactions Rate of increase of succinic acid production yield
0 0   100*
1 1 R00479 133
   R00751 102
   R01867 102
2 2 R00751, R00479 144
   R00479, R01867 134
3 3 R00751, R00479, R10179 155
  1. The respective reaction numbers are identical to the KEGG reaction numbers
  2. * The maximum amount of succinic acid produced is 100, as calculated using only the original SyGSM