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Table 1 List of deleted IS elements in C. glutamicum ATCC13032 in this study

From: Enhanced production of recombinant proteins with Corynebacterium glutamicum by deletion of insertion sequences (IS elements)

IS family Copy number IS element Position
ISCg1 4 ISCg1a 1115955..1117265
   ISCg1b 2595722..2597032
   ISCg1d 2481196..2482506
   ISCg1e a 613777..615087
ISCg2 b 4 ISCg2b 3005658..3007172
   ISCg2c 2716287..2717801
   ISCg2d 2317958..2319472
   ISCg2f 192954..194468
  1. aNew IS element found in this study. This gene was not reported in both C. glutamicum genome sequences deposited with GenBank Accession numbers NC_003450 and NC_006958.1
  2. bISCg2e in ISCg2 family was absent in C. glutamicum ATCC13032 in our lab stock