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Fig. 1

From: Systems analysis of methylerythritol-phosphate pathway flux in E. coli: insights into the role of oxidative stress and the validity of lycopene as an isoprenoid reporter metabolite

Fig. 1

Inter-strain variability in lycopene accumulation and dependence on RpoS. a Relationships between E. coli strains used in this study. b Lycopene production in parental and derived laboratory strains from different phylogenetic groups. Production was measured either with the lycopene production plasmid (pAC-LYC04) plus empty vector plasmid (pTrc99SS), or with pAC-LYC04 and a dxs overexpression plasmid (pT-dxs). c Fermentation profile for lycopene production in a high (Seq+) and low (MG1655*) producer strain. Cells were grown in batch culture in 1 L bioreactors and samples for quantitative proteomics were collected in exponential, early and late stationary phase. d Functional complementation of the rpoS gene in the low producer MG1655* restores the lycopene production phenotype to high producer (Seq+) levels

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