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Fig. 3

From: Oral delivery of Lactococcus lactis that secretes bioactive heme oxygenase-1 alleviates development of acute colitis in mice

Fig. 3

Survival of NZ-HO in the mouse intestine. a Experimental schedule. b Homogenates of the entire colon (including luminal contents) were plated on GM17 cm agar. c, d Ten single colonies were randomly chosen for each sample from healthy (c) or colitis (d) mice and were subjected to colony-direct PCR with pNZ8148-specific (upper images of each group) or L. lactis subsp. cremoris-specific (lower images of each group) primer pairs. Bands indicated by blue (586 bp), salmon pink (1,403 bp), and black arrows (163 bp) were further analyzed by DNA sequencing and were consistent with the putative sequences. L: DNA ladder (bp). e Immunohistochemical staining/detection of His-tagged proteins in colonic tissue. Positive reactions were observed in the mucosal epithelial cells (arrows), in the crypt, and the lamina propria (asterisks) of the colon from gmNZ9000-treated mice. Bars 50 μm. Normal colon and Inflamed colon mean colons from healthy (mice that drank sterile water) or colitis (mice that drank DSS in the water) mice, respectively. Similar results were seen in two different mice. Representative images are shown

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