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Fig. 9

From: In vivo imaging of Lactococcus lactis, Lactobacillus plantarum and Escherichia coli expressing infrared fluorescent protein in mice

Fig. 9

Concomitant imaging of two bacterial populations. a In vivo imaging 5 min after administration of 5.0 × 1010 cells of IRFP682-expressing L. lactis (middle mouse) and 5.0 × 1010 cells of IRFP713-expressing L. lactis (right mouse). Control mouse (left) received no bacteria. b In vivo imaging of mice 2 h after administration. The middle mouse was administered with an additional dose of 5.0 × 1010 cells of IRFP713-expressing L. lactis immediately prior to the imaging. c Ex vivo image of mouse intestine from a separate experiment. Left control mouse. Right mouse administered with IRFP682- and, after 2 h, IRFP-713-expressing L. lactis. AF tissue autofluorescence, UMX1 IRFP682 fluorescence, UMX2 IRFP713 fluorescence, COMP. composite image. Color bar indicates radiant efficiency [(p/sec/cm2/sr)/(μW/cm2)]

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